No 25% Tariffs!

HK Challenger owns and operates two high-capacity factories in Vietnam. We still operate three facilities in China but also offer a fully-integrated, manufacturing base in Vietnam, avoiding the 25% US tariffs and saving our customers more than $30,000,000 annually.

  • Power Strips

  • Extension Cords

  • Wall Taps

  • String Lights

Wired for Success

At HK Challenger, our engineering process is designed for your success. Learn more about our ODM and OEM processes.

Safety Standards

Our Safety & Compliance Team is proficient with a wide array of safety standards and their ever-changing requirements.



Do you produce custom designs?

HK Challenger excels in both Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), providing the best of both worlds. Our ODM capabilities enable us to design and create customized products. As OEM experts, we ensure top-notch quality by bringing your specifications to life. Choose HK Challenger for innovative designs and precise manufacturing in power solutions.

Who owns the factory?

HK Challenger owns and operates five manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam. We are not a middleman, but your direct manufacturing partner. Learn more: Message from our Founder.

What is your target market?

HK Challenger is a global company serving customers worldwide: 70% North America, 10% European Union, 10% Australia, and 10% other.

What are your order minimums?

Our factories are designed to efficiently handle high volume production. We are happy to discuss details of your specific project. Please don't hesitate to contact us.